Blind Fury Rapper Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Career, and Bio 2023

Blind Fury is a well-known American rapper who was born in South Carolina in 1984. His followers refer to him as a living legend, and many novice artists look up to him. On April 18, 2010, he became a member of YouTube.

Blind Fury Rapper

Blind Fury Wiki / Biography

Real name Stephen Norris
Nickname Blind Fury
Date of birth 10 October 1984
Age 38 years old
Profession Musician, Rapper
Hometown Camden, South Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Birth sign Libra
Marital status Unmarried
Youtube debut 2014
Youtube Award Silver play button

Stephen Norris, the real name of American rapper Blind Fury, is a music enthusiast. He is a well-known battle rapper MC.

He has a big international fan base, yet Fury has been blind since birth.

He was born with several physical obstacles, such as clubbed feet and spina bifida, yet he did not give up.

Blind Fury’s Net Worth

Blind Fury's Net Worth

Blind Fury’s earnings are derived from stage performances, brand collaborations, Google Adsense, and business. Rapping is his principal source of income.

Blind Fury, is an American rapper and YouTuber, with a net worth of $1 million dollars and an estimated annual income of $ 70,800 to $ 97,200.

Fury’s monthly income ranges from $5,000 to $7,000, while his monthly YouTube earnings range from $900 to $1.1K.

Name Blind Fury
Monthly Income $ 5,000 – $ 7,000
Yearly Income $ 70,800 – $ 97,200
Youtube Income $ 900 – $ 1.1K
Net Worth $ 1 Million
Income Source Business, Rapping


Blind Fury became a celebrity in 2003 after doing a live stage presentation on MTV’s Rockefeller MC fight.

He joined YouTube on 18 April 2010 and published his debut video, “Real Ghost Captured on Security Video (Listen, you can hear it),” on 18 November 2014. His YouTube channel has 262k subscribers and was renamed 3NT Productions Official in 2022 from “Blind Fury TV.”

His Instagram account is called “the real blind fury,” and he has over 154K followers. He launched his Instagram account on July 26, 2020. He has over 361K Facebook followers.

Aside from YouTube, he has over 23K followers and 53K monthly Spotify listeners.


1. Is Blind Fury Blind?

Yes, Blind Fury has been blind since his birth.

2. What is the Net Worth of Blind Fury?

Blind Fury’s net worth is approx $1 Million

3. Is the Blind Fury Rapper Still Alive?

Yes, Blind Fury is still alive and he does Youtube live performances on a daily basis on his Youtube channel called “Blind Fury TV”.


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