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Raghee Horner Net Worth: Biography, Family, Career, Education & More…

Just as you’re delving into the world of finance, you come across the story of Raghee Horner. This trading expert has seen her net worth soar thanks to her savvy approach to the markets. You’d be intrigued to learn about her journey from a fledgling trader to the powerhouse she is today. Raghee Horner net growth has been a product of hard work, risk-taking, and an innate ability to predict market movements. As you read on, you’ll discover the secrets of this financial guru’s success and how she’s built a fortune through tactical trading.

Raghee Horner Net Worth Growth

Raghee Horner Net Worth Growth

In spite of the challenges, you’ve likely noticed an impressive growth in Raghee Horner’s net worth over the years. It’s no secret that she’s made a name for herself in the world of forex trading, a field that’s not only competitive but also volatile. You’ve seen her resilience and ability to adapt to market changes, qualities that have significantly contributed to her financial success. It’s also worth noting that Raghee’s commitment to educating others about forex trading has added another income stream to her portfolio. She’s authored popular trading books and runs her own educational platform. This combination of savvy trading and entrepreneurship has certainly played a crucial role in her net worth growth.

Raghee Horner Biography

You might be curious about Raghee Horner’s journey, the woman whose success in forex trading and entrepreneurship we’ve been discussing. Let’s delve into her biography.

  1. Raghee was born in Los Angeles and was only 17 when she started her journey in the trading world. She’s not just a successful trader; she’s also a renowned author, having penned several books on forex trading.
  2. Raghee’s passion for the market has led her to create a unique method called the ’34EMA Wave and GRaB Candles.’ This method is now widely used by traders worldwide.
  3. Despite her success, Raghee is known for her humility and generosity. She’s always ready to share her knowledge and experience with aspiring traders, truly embodying the spirit of a great mentor.

Now, you’ve gotten a glimpse of the woman behind the impressive net growth.

Raghee Horner Family

Raghee Horner Family

Beyond her impressive career, let’s delve into Raghee Horner’s personal life, starting with her family. You’ll find that family is crucial to Raghee, providing a strong, supportive foundation. Her family is her source of strength and inspiration. She’s married, and together with her husband, they have three wonderful children. While she’s a successful entrepreneur, she also takes pride in being a dedicated wife and mother. Despite her hectic schedule, she always makes time for her family, balancing her professional and personal life seamlessly. In fact, she often attributes her success in the financial world to the unwavering support from her family. Raghee’s family background and her current family life undoubtedly shape who she is, both as a successful trader and as a person.

Raghee Horner Physical Appearance

Let’s shift gears and consider Raghee Horner’s physical appearance, a topic often overlooked but undeniably a part of her distinct persona in the finance world.

  1. Raghee Horner has a radiant and warm presence that is instantly recognizable. She has medium-length chocolate brown hair that she often styles in loose waves.
  2. Her eyes, expressive and intelligent, are a deep brown color that sparkles with unquenchable curiosity.
  3. She possesses a radiant smile that exudes confidence and kindness, a reflection of her approachable and charismatic nature.

Her appearance isn’t just about her physical attributes. It’s also about the energy she carries with her – an aura of determination, intelligence, and grace that is as compelling as her strategic financial acumen.

Raghee Horner Education

Raghee Horner Education

After taking in her striking appearance, it’s time to delve into Horner’s educational background, a fundamental pillar that’s shaped her impressive growth in the finance sector. Horner’s academic journey is as inspiring as her career. She’s a self-taught trader, having never attended a traditional university. Instead, she dove headfirst into the world of financial markets, learning through real-world experience. This hands-on approach has honed her skills, sharpening her trading strategies and market insights. You’ll find that her non-traditional education route has contributed significantly to her unique perspective and innovative methods. It’s a testament to her determination, showing you that formal education isn’t the only path to success in finance.

Raghee Horner Career

Diving right into Raghee Horner’s career, you’ll see how her self-taught education in the financial markets paved the way for her impressive accomplishments in the trading sector. She’s not just a successful trader; she’s also a renowned author, educator, and speaker on forex trading.

  1. Raghee began trading at 17, developing her own strategies that led to her success. Her approach is now used by thousands worldwide.
  2. She’s authored books like “Forex Trading for Maximum Profit” and “Thirty Days of Forex Trading”. These publications have become essential reading for many aspiring traders.
  3. Raghee is also a sought-after speaker, sharing her knowledge at international trading conferences. Her insights are highly valued in the industry.

Indeed, Raghee Horner’s career is a testament to what hard work and self-education can achieve.

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Raghee Horner Social Media Account

Raghee Horner Social Media Account
PlatformAccount Handle
FacebookRaghee Horner
YouTubeRaghee Horner
LinkedinRaghee Horner

Where can you find Raghee Horner’s insights outside of her books and speaking engagements? On her social media accounts, you’ll get a rich dose of her expertise and trading strategies. She’s active on platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, where she frequently shares market updates, trading tips, and personal anecdotes. You’ll see her passion for trading in each post she crafts. Following her accounts, you’ll also get a peek into her thought processes, which can help you understand her strategies better. Additionally, she often engages with her followers, answering queries and discussing trading topics. It’s not just about broadcasting her views, but also about fostering a community of traders. So, don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from Horner’s social media platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some of the Books Written by Raghee Horner?

You’re interested in the books written by Raghee Horner. She’s authored several insightful works on finance and trading. Some of her notable books include “Forex Trading for Maximum Profit: The Best Kept Secret Off Wall Street,” “Thirty Days of Forex Trading: Trades, Tactics, and Techniques,” and “Forex on Five Hours a Week: How to Make Money Trading on Your Own Time.” These books offer valuable insights into the world of forex trading.

Has Raghee Horner Won Any Significant Awards or Accolades in Her Field?

You’re curious about Raghee Horner’s accolades, aren’t you? Sadly, it seems she hasn’t officially received any significant awards in her field. However, don’t let that diminish your perspective. Her success is evident in her popular books and her vast following. She’s not necessarily defined by trophies on a shelf, but rather the impact she’s made in her industry. So, while no awards may be present, Horner’s influence is undeniable.

Does Raghee Horner Have Any Involvement in Philanthropic Activities or Charitable Organizations?

Yes, you’d be interested to know that Raghee Horner is actively involved in philanthropic activities. She’s a big believer in giving back to her community and uses her success to help others. She regularly donates to charities and even runs her own charitable organization. She’s definitely not just about making money, she’s also about making a difference.

What Are Some of Raghee Horner’s Investment Strategies and Philosophies?

You’re curious about Raghee Horner’s investment strategies and philosophies, aren’t you? Well, she firmly believes in the power of chart patterns and technical analysis. She’s a fan of the 34 EMA wave and GRaB candles. Horner doesn’t just chase profits, she’s all about risk management. She’s also a long-term thinker, she doesn’t get swayed by short-term market fluctuations. That’s essentially her game plan.

What Is Raghee Horner’s Daily Routine or Work Schedule Like?

You’re curious about Raghee Horner’s daily routine? Well, she’s known for starting her day early, analyzing global markets. She’s typically up before the sunrise, studying charts and trends. She spends her day teaching others about forex trading, hosting webinars, and writing about her strategies. It’s a busy schedule, but she’s passionate about what she does. Evening’s often spent preparing for the next trading day. She’s a hard worker who truly enjoys her craft.


So, you’ve journeyed through Raghee Horner’s life, from her humble beginnings to her astounding net worth growth. You’ve delved into her personal life and career, and even got a glimpse of her online persona. But don’t stop here. There’s so much more to her story, and it’s still evolving. Keep an eye on this remarkable woman – you never know where her journey will lead next.


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