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Ross Cellino Net Worth: Biography, Family, Career, Education & More…

Imagine being part of a partnership as iconic as Lennon and McCartney – but in the legal world. That’s where you’d find Ross Cellino, one-half of the renowned Cellino & Barnes law firm. With a career spanning decades, his net worth is something you might be curious about. It’s no secret that successful attorneys rake in substantial earnings, and Cellino is no exception. He’s amassed a considerable fortune over the years, but it’s not just about the money. His success story is a tale of hard work, determination, and the occasional courtroom drama. So, let’s delve into the details of Ross Cellino’s net worth and the journey behind it.

Ross Cellino Net Worth Growth

Ross Cellino Net Worth Growth

You’d be interested to know that the net worth of Ross Cellino has seen a substantial increase over the years. It’s not by luck or chance but by hard work and strategic decisions that he’s amassed such wealth. He’s made a name as a successful personal injury lawyer, co-founding Cellino & Barnes – a law firm with a reputation for winning cases and securing high settlements for clients. His business acumen and legal expertise have played a significant role in his financial success. It’s not only about the money; it’s also about the respect and recognition he’s earned in the legal industry. So, when you’re thinking about Ross Cellino’s net worth, remember it’s a testament to his dedication, skills, and accomplishments.

Ross Cellino Biography

Now, let’s delve into the life of Ross Cellino, the man behind the net worth. Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, Ross is a renowned attorney, famously known for his partnership in the law firm Cellino & Barnes. His journey to success wasn’t an overnight one. It was filled with dedication, hard work, and a thirst for justice.

Here are three key points about his life:

  1. Ross graduated from the University of Buffalo Law School. His father, Ross Cellino Sr., was also an attorney, which inspired him to follow in his footsteps.
  2. He’s been practising law for over three decades, specializing in personal injury cases. His dedication has helped many clients get the justice they deserve.
  3. Ross has always believed in giving back to society. He’s actively involved in numerous charities and community services in Buffalo.

Ross Cellino Family

Ross Cellino Family

Ross’s family plays a significant role in his life, and you’ll find their influence in his professional journey. Born to Richard and Rosalie Cellino, Ross is part of a family deeply entrenched in the legal profession. His father, Richard, was a respected attorney, establishing the Cellino & Barnes law firm, where Ross later became a partner. His mother, Rosalie, provided a nurturing environment that fostered Ross’s ambition.

Ross is married to his wife, Terese, and together they have two daughters, Jeanna and Annmarie. These strong family ties have not only shaped Ross’s personal life but also his career.

Family MemberRole
Richard CellinoFather & Founder of Cellino & Barnes
Rosalie CellinoMother
Terese CellinoWife
Jeanna & AnnmarieDaughters

Ross Cellino Physical Appearance

How might you describe Ross Cellino’s physical appearance? You’d likely note his older age, as he’s in his 60s. But despite this, he has a certain youthful quality about him, possibly due to his active lifestyle and career. His hair is grey, but he keeps it well-groomed and stylish, adding a touch of refinement to his appearance. He has a light skin tone, and his eyes are a very distinctive brown colour.

  1. Age: Ross Cellino is in his 60s, but his energy and enthusiasm give him a youthful aura.
  2. Hair: His grey hair, well-groomed and stylish, adds a touch of sophistication to his overall look.
  3. Eyes: His eyes are a distinctive brown, providing a warmth to his appearance that’s both engaging and inviting.

Ross Cellino Education

Ross Cellino Education

While his distinctive appearance may catch your eye, it’s Cellino’s impressive educational background that’s truly noteworthy. He’s a well-educated man, having first obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University at Buffalo. But he didn’t stop there. His passion for law led him to Tulane University Law School in New Orleans, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. This educational foundation has been key in shaping his successful legal career. His strong academic background not only boosted his reputation but also equipped him with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in his profession. So, while you may first notice his unique look, remember that it’s his extensive education that’s played a vital role in building his impressive net worth.

Ross Cellino Career

After acquiring his law degree, you’ll find that Cellino’s career took off in an impressive way. He started his professional journey at the law firm Cellino & Barnes, which his father and cousin founded. His dedication and hard work soon made him a recognizable figure in the legal field.

Let’s break down his career journey:

  1. Cellino & Barnes: He spent a significant part of his career at this firm, successfully handling numerous personal injury cases.
  2. Cellino & Cellino: After a high-profile split with Barnes, he founded this firm with his daughters, continuing his legacy in the legal field.
  3. Philanthropy: Beyond law, he’s also known for his charitable works, contributing to various community causes.

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Ross Cellino Social Media Account

Ross Cellino Social Media Account

On the topic of Ross Cellino’s social media presence, you’ll find that he maintains a professional yet approachable image online. Unlike many celebrities, he hasn’t let fame get to his head and remains grounded. He doesn’t have millions of followers, but those who do follow him appreciate his sincerity and dedication to his profession. You won’t find him posting extravagant photos of luxury vacations or flashy cars. Instead, he shares updates about his work, and his firm, and occasionally, glimpses into his personal life. He’s not an influencer or a social media mogul, but he’s a respected legal professional who understands the value of a personal connection with his audience. His social media reflects that, offering a balance between his public and private life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Philanthropic Works Has Ross Cellino Been Involved In?

You’re asking about Ross Cellino’s philanthropy. He’s been actively involved in numerous charitable works, particularly focusing on education and community development. He’s contributed significantly to various scholarship funds and local nonprofits. His law firm, Cellino & Barnes, also sponsors many local events and initiatives. So, beyond his legal career, Ross’s commitment to giving back to his community is quite noteworthy.

Has Ross Cellino Ever Faced Any Legal Issues or Controversies?

Yes, Ross Cellino has faced legal issues. He’s notably been involved in a public legal battle with his former law partner, Stephen Barnes. The two had disputes over their joint firm’s future, which resulted in a lengthy court process. Despite these controversies, it’s important to remember that Ross Cellino continues to be a highly respected figure in the legal field. His reputation isn’t solely defined by these legal issues.

What Are Ross Cellino’s Personal Interests and Hobbies?

Sure, you’re curious about Ross Cellino’s personal interests and hobbies. Well, Ross enjoys spending quality time with his family and is quite a fan of golf! He’s often seen swinging clubs on the green. Besides that, he has a deep affection for music and plays the guitar as a mode of relaxation. His love for music doesn’t stop there; he also enjoys attending live concerts. Ross’s hobbies show his love for family, sports, and the arts.

Can You Provide Information on Any Awards or Recognition Ross Cellino Has Received?

You’re curious about any awards or recognition Ross Cellino has received. He’s well-respected in his field, earning a Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Peer Review Rating. This rating is the highest possible for both legal ability and ethical standards. He’s also been recognized as a Super Lawyer, a distinction awarded to only 5% of lawyers in each state. It’s clear that Cellino’s professionalism and expertise don’t go unnoticed in the legal community.

Does Ross Cellino Have Any Business Ventures Outside of His Main Career?

You’re asking about Ross Cellino’s additional business ventures aside from his main career. While he’s best known for his work in the legal field, information on other businesses he might own isn’t widely available. It’s essential to remember that some professionals choose to keep their investments private. To get the most accurate information, you’d need to reach out to Cellino or a representative directly.


So, you’ve slogged through Ross Cellino’s life, from his humble beginnings to his towering net worth. You’ve peeked into his family, marvelled at his education, and gawked at his career. You’ve even stalked his social media. Congratulations! You’ve just spent five minutes diving deep into the life of a man you’ve probably never met. Next time, maybe consider checking out your own net worth, family life, or education. Who knows what you’ll find?


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