Steeve Joseph's Net Worth

Steeve Joseph’s Net Worth

Actor, lip sync performer, fashion model, and social media star Steeve Joseph hails from India. He is well-known for his exceptional content-generating abilities in his home nation. He enjoys a good deal of fame among the younger audience, who largely follow him on social media. The 14th of March 2001 is Steve Joseph’s birthday. He was born in Kerala, India’s Pathanamthitta. He belongs to the Indian nationality and practices Christianity. He is currently a resident of Konni, Kerala, India, and he is a Libra by birth sign.   

Steeve Joseph's

He got started by watching Tik Tok videos. The articles and videos posted on these platforms helped him become quite prominent. Subsequently, he became quite well-known for appearing in music videos and creating interesting YouTube material. He already values finding a healthy balance between his personal and professional lives. He works incredibly hard and has a very endearing personality, both of which are clear in his films.  

Steeve Joseph Age, Height, Weight, and Body Measurements   

Steeve Joseph’s age is currently 21 years old. He is quite young and likes to keep himself fit and in shape. He stands at 5 feet 4 inches and weighs around 60 kg. Although his height is a bit short for the ideal height of a 21-year-old male, with his charms and cheerful appearance, he has won the hearts of thousands of fans online.  

Steeve Joseph’s Educational Background   

Steeve Joseph rarely provides the media with details about his educational background. We do know that he graduated from college at a fairly young age of 21, which is the only piece of information we have. His hometown was where he received most of his education. He finished his education at Netaji Higher Secondary School in Pramadom, Pathanamthitta, Kerala. Moreover, he went to St. Thomas College in Thavalappara, Konni, where he received his diploma.  

Steeve Joseph’s Family Background   

Steeve Joseph's family background

The size of Steeve’s family—which also includes his parents and older sister—is relatively small. His mother is a homemaker named Biji Joseph. She occasionally appears in his films and photos, showcasing what a simple and sweet lady she is. His sister pursues a similar career path in content production to him, while his father never showed his profession to the public.  

Steeve Joseph's family background

Sandra Hannah, who works as a fashion model, lip sync performer, and TikToker, is the sister of Steeve Joseph. She was born on November 14, 1999, and in 2022, she will be 24 years old. She began out in this industry appearing in her brother’s videos, and once she gained fame, she started her own social media account. She began working on My Josh App and Instagram, which are now her two primary social media profiles when TikTok was being prohibited in India. Her Instagram following currently stands at 663K, and because of her talent, it is constantly expanding.  

Steeve Joseph Hobbies

Steeve started in this business when he was still young, and he has since worked hard to keep the standard he set high. He enjoys eating well-balanced meals and, to live a healthy lifestyle, works out often to keep his body in good shape. Steeve is a wonderful role model for folks who try to keep their health while also enjoying junk food because he is a foodie and a gym enthusiast. Indian and Asian dishes are among his favorites.  

Steeve Joseph’s Career and Net Worth  

Steeve Joseph started his content creation journey by making Dub smash videos in 2019 latter have started making TikTok and Instagram reels.  

  • He proved himself as a popular social media celebrity with millions of followers.  
  • He also acted in many music videos which are loved by millions of people.  
  • He is continuously improving his skills and there is a huge chance that he will debut in the film industry.  

Steeve Joseph started and earned fame from TikTok videos and got featured in some music videos as well. He has also become part of some branding organizations and commercials. Steeve Joseph has shown his talent in the acting industry and has done some short films.  

Steeve Joseph's

He has big plans for himself and wants to do Bollywood films. Some reports are saying that there are huge chances of him featuring in upcoming films. His current source of income mainly depends on TikTok, and other social media platforms and his net worth is around 1 crore to 10 crore. He earns a lot through social media. His massive social media presence, especially on Instagram with 1.8 million followers helps him to get lots of brand collaborations. Many brands have collaborated with him and paid him a good amount of money for this. A part of his income comes from modeling too. So, he has multiple sources of income. According to reports, Steeve Joseph earns around 15-20 lakhs per month.  

Steeve Joseph’s Instagram and Social Accounts  

1.8 million followers on Instagram, username: Steve Joseph  

Id: Steeve joseph_ on TikTok, 990.5k followers the username “Steeve joseph” leads to Steve Joseph’s Instagram page. His Instagram following currently stands at 1.8 million, and it is growing every day. His TikTok username is steeve joseph_, and as of right now, he has 27.4M likes and 990.5k followers.  

Steve’s Appearance in the Movie  

Steve has also been in a few Tamil films in small roles, which bodes well for his acting career in the future. Up to this point, Chem Battu Mana, a short movie, was where he portrayed most of the roles. As a result of this work, he began to collaborate with more brands and work with them to promote their goods and services.  


1. What Made Steeve Joseph Popular? 

Steeve Joseph gained popularity by creating viral TikTok videos and active appearances on social media.  

2. What is Steeve Joseph’s Total Net Worth?  

Steeve Joseph’s net worth is estimated at 1 crore- 10 crore.  

3. In Which Movie, Steeve Joseph Made His Debut?  

Steeve Joseph made his debut in a short film named “Chem Battu Mana”.  

4. Which Religion Does Steeve Joseph Follow?  

Steeve Joseph follows Christianity.  

5. Is Steeve Joseph Single/ Married? 

Steeve Joseph is single as of now but had rumored girlfriends.  


Steeve Joseph’s age, profession, education, family, relationships, place of birth, and many other details were included in this. Steve is still extremely young. But even at this young age, he is extremely committed and diligent. He aspires to be a well-known actor, and we hope he realizes all his goals. 


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