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A well-known Malayalam YouTuber from Kerala, India, is called Unboxing Dude. He goes by the name Salih K.T. When he was still in school, he made the decision to launch the “Unboxing Dude” YouTube channel. At first, he uploaded unboxing videos of tech products, but subsequently he altered the channel’s focus to family lifestyle vlogs, food challenges, and entertainment.

Unboxing Dude

He signed up for YouTube on November 9th, 2017, and as of right now, his channel has more than 3 million subscribers. Additionally, he launched the “Crazy Dude” YouTube channel, which is a gaming-related channel.

Unboxing Dude’s Personal Life

Name Salih K.T
Birthday 18 March 1999
Zodiac sign Pisces
Birthplace Kochi, Kerala, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Muslim
Award Silver and Gold play button

Unboxing Dude’s Net Worth & Career

While Google AdSense and affiliate advertising provide the majority of Unboxing Dude’s income, he also makes money via affiliations, endorsements from brands, and unboxing videos. His monthly income ranges between Rs. 14.4 lakh to Rs. 20.4 lakh.

Unboxing guy, a popular YouTuber and social media influencer in Malayalam, has a net worth of Rs. 45 lakh ($59 000), and it grows at 40.47–44.82% annually.

Unboxing Dude’s Personal Life

The monthly pay of Unboxing Dude ranges from Rs. 1.2 to Rs. 1.7 lakh and includes sponsorship, affiliate, and Youtube money.

His two YouTube channels, Unboxing Dude and Crazy Dude, provide the majority of his revenue, which range from $3.42K to $4.90K each month.

Profession Youtuber, Lifestyle Vlogger, and social media influencer
Net worth Rs. 45 Lakh
Yearly income Rs.14.4-20.4 Lakh

Unboxing Dude’s Social Media

Unboxing Dude’s Social media

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/salih_k_t/?hl=en 
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unboxingdude/ 
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/UNBOXINgdude/videos 


Email officialunboxingdude@gmail.com

Unboxing Dude’s Height, Weight & Appearance 

Height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 54 Kg
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo No

Unboxing Dude’s Family Members 

Unboxing Dude’s Family Members 

Indian state of Kerala is where Salih K.T was brought up and raised. His mother is a stay-at-home mom, and he has a younger sister named Saliha KT who owns the 4K DUDy YouTube channel.

Mother Not known
Father Not known
Sister Saliha

Unboxing Dude’s Marital Status 

Marital status Unmarried
Girlfriend Aisha
Husband/ Spouse NA

Unboxing Dude’s Educational Qualifications 

Unboxing Dude’s Educational qualifications

School Auxilium English Medium ICSE School, Kochi, Kerala,
College Kerala University


1. Why is Unboxing Dude So Well-known? Who is He?

He is a social media influencer, content developer, and Youtuber in Malayalam. Through his lifestyle vlogs, vacation films, food challenges, prank videos, and entertaining material, he amassed immense fame.

2. Is the Unboxing Dude Currently Dating Anyone?

Although we don’t know his exact relationship status, his girlfriend’s name is Aisha according to the information that is currently available on social media.

3. What is His Estimated Net Worth?

His monthly income ranges from 3 lakh to 5 lakh rupees, and his estimated net worth is 45 lakh rupees.

4. What Plans Does He Have for the Future?

He’ll keep making videos for YouTube and creating stuff.

5. Is He the Subject of Any Controversy?



An influential YouTube channel goes by the moniker of “Unboxing Dude.” This channel was launched by a young Keralite man a few years ago, especially in November 2017. Starting the YouTube channel “Unboxing dude” seemed like fun at the time. Unboxing Dude is now one of Kerala’s most watched YouTube channels. There are currently more than 30 lakhs (3M) subscribers, and the thousands of uploads have generated more than 676 million views.


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